These are four minigame projects me and a small team made for a senior level class. We had roughly a month per minigame. Each minigame was meant to make our foundation stronger with key ideas like State Machines and ML Agents. We also got the opportunity to make a minigame in Unreal Engine 4, which was new to most the people in the class since we've only used Unity for our projects in prior years.

Angry Bean V1

This was a quick 2D game our group made where I was the primary artist. I used pixel art to give it a retro arcade kind of feel. We had about 3 weeks to make this game. The main goal for this game was to use State Machines in our development. We had a state machine for each enemy.

Angry Bean V2

For this project, we took the first minigame we made and turned the enemies into ML Agents. We had very little time to train the ML Agents and they ended up being very early versions of what they could be. I had a lot of fun learning how to set up the ML Agents and training them.

Farm Game

This is a game that we developed for an assignment where the main objective was to make a multiplayer game. We made our game in Unity and used Photon PUN 2 for the multiplayer networking. This game was a real challenge, learning what information to send and recieve to all the other players over the network was something we struggled with. The idea for the game was a Dead by Daylight-esque game, but on a farm where the farmer tries to stop the farm animals from eating his crops. If the animals eat enough crops, they can escape the farm.

A COVID Christmas

A COVID Christman is the last minigame we made for this class where the key objective was to make a game in Unreal Engine 4. We had been learning C++ in the months prior to starting this project, but none of us were super comfortable with it. Ultimately, I think it turned out really well for a few weeks of development. Our objective was to make a game that focuses more on the story, and we spent a lot of time on the environment.